Arnhem. Airborne Monument

Arnhem is built on the winding shores of the Lower Rhine. The areas of the town separated by water have several bridges named after Nelson Mandela, John Frost and Andrei Sakharov. The junction we see on the screen is in the center of Arnhem and leads to the John Frost Bridge.

In the center of the roundabout is the Aviation Square, where the Airborne monument is installed. The square is one of the main attractions of Arnhem. Please note that it is located below the road.

The Airborne Monument is a ruined pillar of the former Palace of Justice of Arnhem. The square was opened in memory of the Battle of Arnhem held in these places from the 16th to the 26th of September, in 1944. The anti-Hitler coalition, consisting of Great Britain, Poland, and the Netherlands, fought against Nazi Germany.

Every year, an international memorial ceremony is held on the square to commemorate soldiers who fought in these places.

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