Kjøllefjord. Panorama of the City

A rotating camera in the Norwegian Kjøllefjord shows us the main attractions of the city. There are not many interesting buildings in the city, because the main thing here is its magnificent nature. High mountains with green slopes and a fjord at the Barents Sea make up the excellent resort of Kjøllefjord.

But, there are a couple of manmade places that are worth visiting, when you are in this Norwegian town. Firstly, the local church, which was rebuilt after the Second World War. During the construction of the new church, the architects tried to keep to the original design. In 1979, the parish hall was built up to the new church. Secondly, the town pier, where you can go on a boat trip across the fjord.

Sometimes we can see the entrance to Hotel Nordkyn. It has excellent views of Laksefjorden. We can see the fjord when the camera turns northwest.

The city was built on the shore of Kjøllefjord, which was part of Laksefjorden. Lakse shores are the less populated of the country’s fjords.

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