Iași. Unirii Square

The European university city of Iasi is located in the eastern part of Romania, not far from the border with Moldova. About 300,000 people live here, but taking into account the students of local colleges and universities, the actual population is much larger. A camera in the center of the city shows us one of the main squares of Iasi, as well as the Unirea Hotel.

Three main traffic arteries of the city intersect in the Unirii Square, they are Arcu and Cuza Vodă streets, as well as Stephen III Velikiy Boulevard. Nearby is the public transport stop, Piaţa Unirii. On the square, there are several round fountains, as well as a monument to Alexander Ioan Cuza. A monument to the first ruler of the United Romanian principalities appeared on the square in 1912.

The square got its name in 1859, when the hymn of the united Moldavia and Wallachia was played here for the first time. This event has become an annual tradition; on January 24, hundreds of people gather around the monument to Cuza.

Students from different countries who study in Iasi call the square an American name, Union Square.

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