Opolzneve. Mriya Resort & Spa

Mriya Resort & Spa is a year-round Crimean resort of premium class. It includes a five-star hotel, medical and spa centers, as well as a modern congress center. This camera is installed in the hotel lobby, in front of the main outdoor pool. The pool, built in the form of a drop, follows the contours of the main building of the hotel.

The hotel can accommodate up to 930 guests. Vacationers can stay in one of the 360 standard rooms, 36 family suites, 12 royal suites, or 12 family villas. The most demanding spa visitors can take one of two presidential suites.

Mriya Resort & Spa has been operating since 2014. The hotel has several restaurants with a variety of cuisine. A week stay in the high season costs at least ₽ 150,000 for two, and this price includes breakfast only.

This luxury hotel is much more expensive than other accommodations in Opolznevoe, but its guests have an excellent entertainment program. Mriya Resort & Spa has almost everything — animation, gyms and playgrounds for various kinds of sports, a cinema, a bowling alley, an amphitheater where shows and concerts take place, billiards, children’s rooms, and much more.

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