Petrozavodsk. Quay of Lake Onega

The Onezhskaya embankment in Petrozavodsk is one of the major sights of the city and the whole of Karelia. In good weather, lots of people come here; not only locals, but tourists as well can be seen walking along Lake Onega. The modern embankment was opened in 1994. This is evidenced by a memorial plaque on the stone, which you see on the observation deck of the embankment.

Along the embankment are many other attractions, such as sculptures of fishermen, The Meeting Place, The Sleeping Beauty, The Tubingen Panorama, The Desire Tree, The Wave of Friendship, The Purse of Fortune, The Birth of Petrozavodsk, Unity, Under One Star, and the Fisherman.

The camera is installed next to the city council of Petrozavodsk, at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Pushkinskaya Street, in the Children’s Library building. In addition to the embankment, the crossroads of the Onega embankment and Lenin Avenue are also seen.

On the far side of the image, you can see the northern shore of Petrozavodsk Bay. Among the coniferous forests that lie on the southern slopes of the relict volcano, there are several settlements, such as Zimnik and Baraniy Bereg, as well as the Botanical Garden of Petrozavodsk State University.

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