Saint-Petersburg. Church of the Assumption

We are in the northern capital of Russia on the Vasilievsky Island. We can see the rich interior decoration of the stavropegial Orthodox Church of St. Petersburg. The church was built in 2 years at the end of the 19th century, but after 38 years it was closed and handed over to the management of the Leningrad military port.

Restoration work started in the church after the fall of the communist system. The church was largely harmed by the skating rink, where skaters had trained since 1956.

The church was restored only in 2013, and now tourists and residents of St. Petersburg can enjoy the magnificent view of the church, both its external beauty and the interior of the church.

Since we are inside the church, let’s talk about its interior decoration. There are no pillars in the church thanks to the system of crisscross arches. Christ Pantocrator with cherubs and seraphim is painted under the dome, and there are images of the Crucifixion and Descent from the Cross on the altar walls.

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