Makov. The Hotels of Makov-Kasárne Winter Resort

The small ski complex of Makov-Kasárne is built right on the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It belongs to the city of Makov. The majority of holidaymakers come here from the Slovak side, as one can find several other ski slopes with more developed infrastructure, such as Razula or Synot Kyčerka, in the Czech Republic.

This camera shows us one of several accommodation options in the resort. We can see the building of the hotel Chata Bačkárka and the children’s playground in front of it, which is very popular in the summer months with the youngest visitors of the resort.

The hotel has both ordinary rooms and apartments with a kitchen. If you want to cook during your stay in Makov-Kasárne, then you can rent a room with a kitchen for 60-70 euros (the price depends on the time of the year). Accommodation in ordinary rooms costs 22 euros, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the territory of the resort, there is also a camping area, so if you come to Makov-Kasárne with your tent, you will find a spare place there for sure.

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