Kranjska Gora. Lake Jasna

The Slovenian ski resort of Kranjska Gora is popular in the summer months. In addition to the picturesque mountains, on the slopes of which interesting tourist routes are laid, you can swim or simply relax on the shores of Lake Jasna. The camera is installed on the shore of this lake, which can be reached in just 20 minutes from the village of Kranjska Gora.

There are hotels and restaurants around the lake. For example, the youth hostel, Barovc, offers cheap accommodation. At only 55 euros per night for two adults, it is a really good option for the resort, and this price includes breakfast.

Lake Jasna is located at the confluence of two rivers, Mala and Velika Pišnica. Not far from the lake there is another natural landmark, a small canyon. In 1988, a life-size bronze statue of Capricorn was installed on the north shore of the lake.

Benches and sun beds for holidaymakers are on the shores of the lake, and there are piers where you can sunbathe or go into the water.

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