In the north of Slovenia, along the state border, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are extended. On its slopes is the ski resort Krvavets, which you can see on the screen. The camera shows the ski slopes and one of several cable cars. Krvavets works all year round; in the summer months, tourists go on mountain trails or explore the Slovenian Alps by bike.

Prices for funicular services in Krvavets are quite high, at 11 euros per lift in the summer months. On the other hand, an all-summer ticket costs 80 euros, which is suitable for those who come to Krvavets several times a season.

We can see not only the funicular but also other infrastructure of the resort. It has a large bike park and a summer park, which includes seven different zones, such as archery or slackline.

Despite the year-round work schedule, the main tourist flow comes to Krvavec in the winter months. Fans of snowboarding and skiing can buy a season ski pass for 450 euros and ski any time.

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