Strunjan. Strunjan Nature Park

Slovenia is less fortunate than other neighboring countries regarding its access to the sea. Perhaps that is why the Slovenian coast near the Gulf of Trieste looks well-groomed on one hand and natural on the other. We are in the territory of the natural (landscape) park, Strunjan, named after the peninsula jutting into the Adriatic Sea.

Strunjan Peninsula is a classic example of a flysch landscape, consisting mainly of marine sedimentary rocks. The natural park includes salt ponds, pine forests, huge fields where various crops are grown, as well as farmsteads and villas, which are monuments of architecture in Slovenia.

The turning camera is installed in the water part of the Strunjan park. On the screen, you can see the vast territory of the park, the total area of which is about 430 km².

We can see guest houses and hotels located in the mainland of the national park. Here, you can stay either in luxury hotels or budget apartments, so the park is accessible to a wide range of travelers.

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