Alcúdia. Badia de Pollença (Pollensa Bay)

We are heading to the northern coast of Mallorca, to the resort of Alcudia. This small town is built on the shore of Pollensa Bay, at which this camera is directed. Another resort on the shore of the same bay, Port de Pollença, is located to the north. We are looking at the Balearic Sea from the building of the international kite surfing center, Kite-Mallorca.

On the opposite side of the bay, we can see the high mountains of Formentor Peninsula. The peninsula, with the cape of the same name, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. Before you reach the cape, you will pass by several beaches. On the northern edge of the island, you will see an old lighthouse in the building of which there is a popular tourist restaurant and a museum.

Pollensa Bay is protected from strong north and south winds by two promontories, so you rarely see high waves here. The bay’s size is 6 kilometers by 10 kilometers. In the northern part of the bay, near Formentor Beach, the eponymous picturesque island is located. The peninsula and the island of Formentor are separated by a 100-meter strait.

The resort of Alcudia has two large bays. In the northern part of the town, you can see the beaches of Pollensa, but in the south, all the tourist infrastructure is built along the coast of Badia d’Alcudia.

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