Since the Canary Islands have become a popular resort, the local airport breaks records of passenger traffic every year. It annually serves more than five million tourists. Lanzarote Airport was built in the western suburbs of the main city of the island, Arrecife. The planes you see on the runway connect the island with other Spanish cities and with all of Europe.

The need for an airport arose in the 1930s. At first, the airfield was built in Llanos de Guasimeta; Arrecife got an air port in the summer of 1941, although it was needed by the Spanish Air Force that participated in the Second World War. It began serving civil flights when the war ended, in 1946.

A large passenger terminal appeared at the airport in 1970. When the flow of tourists began to increase exponentially, another terminal (Terminal 1) was built in 1999, to serve millions of passengers daily.
The airport has good transport accessibility and at least 4 bus lines connect Terminal 1 with the island’s cities.

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