Barcelona. Sagrada Familia

The Temple of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) in Barcelona is considered one of the most important long-term constructions of the world. Starting from 1882, the project of Antoni Gaudi is being built on private donations. Although daily worship is held in the church from 2010, the construction is far from completion. This is evidenced by the fact that next to the church there is a special school for children of builders working on the construction site of the temple.

But despite the fact that the project is still far from its final stage, the Sagrada Familia Temple has long been one of the main attractions of Barcelona, where millions of tourists come every year.

The temple project was initially so complex, that now, while making computer modeling of various structural elements, it has been revealed that some parts of the towers require individual adjustment and refinement. According to the preliminary data, the construction of the temple will be completed not earlier than 2026.

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