Formigal. Garmet Station

We can see a panorama of the Spanish ski resort, Formigal-Panticosa. We are at the top station of the Garmet cableway, at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. Do not be surprised if the image is very shaky because strong winds are common here.

The Anayet-Formigal ski area, to which the Garmet ski lift belongs, is located in the eastern part of the resort. On the lower station of the cableway, there is a large parking lot, as well as a restaurant, Cabana Garmet, with a large terrace. Here you can try both Spanish dishes and big German sausages. The Anayet zone was opened in 1997; like the rest of the resort, it is actively built up and developed.

Aramón Formigal-Panticosa offers a single ticket to all of its lifts, and a huge number of them (over 20) have been built on the border with France. The cost of a one-day ticket varies from 35 to 42 euros.

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