Fornalutx. Panorama of the Village

Let me tell you a little secret, Mallorca offers not only a holiday on the sandy beaches, off the crystal clear sea, but there are also mountain villages, like Fornalutx. There are not many tourists in such places, so if you are in search of peace and a measured flow of time, you can come here.

The camera is located in the four-star Fornalutx Petit Hotel, famous for its panoramic terraces, a swimming pool, and excellent rooms. The hotel is built in the former monastery building, so the interiors here are stunning. In addition to the mountain scenery and cool water in the pool, guests can enjoy a sauna and a hot tub, set in a beautiful garden.

Fornalutx is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Alfabia and El Cornadors; the village itself is built in the Sóller Valley (also the nearest major city), 3.5 kilometers southwest of Fornalutx. The locals, who total about 500 people, speak mainly Catalan and Castilian Spanish.

As you can see, the village is built up with stone houses with tiled roofs. Many of these buildings look like architectural monuments. The village is surrounded by huge plantations of orange and lemon trees, as well as cacti.

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