Galatzó. Son Bugadelles Industrial Zone

The industrial area of Calvia is located in the southern suburbs, near the town of Galatzo. In recent years, offices of large companies have been built here. We can see warehouses and hangars, shopping centers and restaurants, in general, everything that any industrial zone now consists of.

One of the Calvia police stations is situated in Son Bugadelles. This is due to the fact that the area is 5 kilometers away from the city, which means that in case of emergency the police will not be able to arrive at the scene quickly.

The webcam is installed in the office of the television company IB3. This company is financed from the budget of the Balearic Islands.

Locals know Son Bugadelles very well because they often come here for everyday shopping. Tourists have nothing to do here, except to buy golf goods at a local specialty store or visit the large sports complex, Illes Calvià.

Thrifty tourists can buy cheap food and drinks in large Son Bugadelles supermarkets, but prices by the seashore are much higher.

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