Palma. Porto Pi View

A camera at Amic Horizonte shows us one of the ports of Palma. The main port of the city is located slightly north. In Porto Pi, you can see not only the huge cruise liners but also small yachts, as a separate marina is built for them here.

The Palma area of Porto Pi is known not only for its port, but also for its ancient architectural monuments, among which a special place is occupied by a lighthouse. This tower of the 14th century is the second oldest lighthouse in Spain and the third in the world. More ancient buildings can only be found in the Spanish La Coruña, where you will find the Tower of Hercules, erected in 1312, and in the Genoa port where the La Lanterna lighthouse was founded in 1128.

The Porto Pí lighthouse is visible on the right side of the screen. It has been located in its present place since 1617. On August 14, 1983, the lighthouse was given the status of both a historical and artistic monument.

Another famous tower in Porto Pi is located directly opposite the lighthouse. Torre de Paraires, despite its defensive function, is of interest as an architectural masterpiece of the early Middle Ages. Unfortunately, modern high-rise residential complexes are built next to the beautiful old buildings of Palma.

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