Pamplona. Eastern Districts of the City

Pamplona is one of the largest cities in Spain on the border with France. These two states are divided by the Pyrenees mountains, some of which we can see in the background of the screen. We are looking at the suburbs from the Cathedral of St. Mary.

This unique church complex was built in 1394. The main building is a monastery in the Gothic style, which is a miracle of European medieval architecture. In many encyclopedias, the monastery is noted as the best building in the world of this type, built in the 14th century.

The main façade of the cathedral, which consists of two high bell towers with columns and a large entrance group, was completed at the end of the 18th century. It is interesting that the facade is made in a different style – neoclassical.

The medieval rulers of Navarre were crowned in the church, and some of them were buried in the Cathedral of St. Mary.

In 1994, archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient Roman civilization on the site of the Cathedral, with streets and ruins of buildings belonging to the first century BC.

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