Panticosa. Petrosos Ski Area

The ski area of Petrosos, of the Spanish ski resort, Panticosa, is one of the most remote zones. The main ski slopes are to the north of Bubal, the artificial lake, and we are on the eastern shore of this reservoir.

The panoramic camera shows the twisting network of lifts and trails of Petrosos. They are great for beginners and non-experienced skiers. The height difference in some parts of the slope can be quite sharp, but due to the large width of the trails, it is easy and safe to ride here. The total length of the trails in Panticosa is more than 5.5 kilometers.

In the summer, on the same slopes, you can see cyclists and travelers, who climb to the tops of the mountains on foot. At the foot of the mountain, you can go fishing or sailing on local lakes and reservoirs.

It is interesting that the local population of Panticosa has its own dialect of the Aragonese language.

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