Ubrique. General Franco Square

The unremarkable village of Ubrique, in the Spanish province of Cadiz, is widely known for its proximity to the Alcornocales Natural Park. It is interesting to look at its sights, which the majority of tourists who come to this region of Spain bypass.

Despite its modest dimensions, Ubrique has several architectural monuments, as well as urban squares. This camera is installed in one of them. General Franco Square is located in the northeastern part of the village. The main object in it is the Church of Our Lady.

Interestingly, the exact date of construction of the church is unknown. The documents show that a hundred years after the construction of the church, a major restoration was carried out under the direction of Pedro Díaz de Palacio, who died in 1636. Today the church is also being restored.

The church of the Mother of God is not seen on the screen, but we can see the church of St. Antonio against the background of the mountain slopes. Initially, it had been a chapel but a hundred years after its construction, in the 17th century, the chapel was turned into a parish church.

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