Haparanda. Northern Part

A panoramic camera on the Swedish border town of Haparanda shows us its architecture, road traffic, and natural sights. We can see the northern part of Haparanda, the IKEA store, the Torneälven River along which goes the border between Sweden and Finland, and the E4 and 99 motorways.

There are also several shopping centers in this part of the town. You can see a lot of cars in large parking lots, which are shown by this rotary camera; locals go shopping in the northern part of Haparanda.

Tornio, Finland is 800 meters from the building on which this webcam is installed. Two countries share a small bridge and tablets with the names of the states. The first building on the Finland side is also a shopping center, so residents of two neighboring towns can shop in two countries at once.

You can see some Haparanda residences in the background of the image. The northern part of the town is visited by sports fans, on the Swedish side, there is an indoor skating rink, and on the Finnish side, there is a stadium with a football field and grounds for various sports (hammer throwing, running and so on).

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