Leukerbad. Torrent Bahnen Leukerbad Ski Resort

The camera is installed on the intermediate station, Rinderhütte, of the Swiss ski resort, Torrent Bahnen Leukerbad. We are looking at the road along Mount Torrenthorn. The Rinderhütte-Schwalbennest cableway goes to the top of the mountain.

The most interesting routes start at 2580 meters above sea level, and the peak of Torrenthorn is 3 kilometers high. In the resort, you can find a variety of slopes suitable for both professional skiers and snowboarders, as well as for children. Comfortable skiing is provided by 7 lifts of various types.

Fun Park, with jumps, rails and other manmade obstacles, is built next to the slope you can see on the screen. The cost of a one-day ski pass in Torrent Bahnen Leukerbad costs 50 euros.

During the summer months, the resort’s lifts continue their work and deliver hikers to the top of the mountain.

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