Locarno. View from Mount Cimetta

Mountain Cimetta is a rare case, when a ski vacation is less attractive than hiking, for which people come here from all over the world.

We are almost at the very top of the mountain, at an altitude of 1,671 meters above sea level. The turning camera is installed next to an observation deck, offering stunning views of the reservoir of Vogorno and Lago Maggiore, as well as the settlements built around these reservoirs. The reservoir is formed by Contra Dam, built in the 1960s. The power station of this huge dam generates about 234 gigawatt-hours of energy per year.

A real natural pearl of this place is Lago Maggiore, the largest lake in the south of Switzerland, and the second largest in the whole of Italy. If you get a chance to travel in these areas, be sure to visit the island of Lago Maggiore with its magnificent monuments and beautiful plants.

Thanks to an extensive network of cable ways in the mountains of the Locarno district, tourists can explore a few peaks in a couple of days, which also have magnificent viewing platforms.

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