Röthenbach im Emmental. Panorama of the County from the Khuderhüzi Tower

Two cameras in the Swiss district of Emmental show us magnificent views of nature, fields, hills, valleys, and mountain peaks. We are located on the Khuderhüzü Tower, in the vicinity of the village of Rötenbach im Emmental. The observation tower was built at an altitude of 1,132 meters above sea level.

The wooden tower is built of white fir. Before climbing to a height of 37 meters, tourists must overcome 195 steps. The total height of the construction, taking into account the roof, is 42 meters; as you can see, solar panels are installed on the roof, which supply the tower with electricity and, in particular, ensure the smooth operation of webcams.

Until 2010, the Khuderhüzı Tower was the highest wooden tower in Switzerland. The record was broken by a 45-meter-high Chutzenturm tower, built in the summer of 2010 on the Frienisberg hill. Now on the screen, we can see the second version of the Hoderhusee Tower. During its short history, it was built in 1998, the tower burned up three years after its opening, but a year later, it was completely rebuilt.

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