Thun. A View of Gross Fiescherhorn

The camera of the windsurfing club of the Swiss city of Thun shows us several peaks of the Bernese Alps. But, of course, the main mountain here is Gross Fiescherhorn. Tourists can climb it by one of three main routes that pass through the alpine shelters of Mönchsjochhütte, Konkordiahütte and Finsteraarhornhütte.

The height of the mountain is 4,049 meters above sea level. The first ascent of it took place in the middle of the nineteenth century, since then the extreme route has become a tourist one and now, every year, a huge number of fans of high-altitude hiking and climbing come to the canton of Bern.

In bad weather, this camera also shows interesting things because in the foreground, we see the huge Lake of Thun, where the clients of the windsurfing club hone their skills.

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