Ko Samui. Thongson Beach

Surprisingly, you can still find beaches that are not crowded with tourists on the popular Thai tourist island of Samui. We can see a famous sandy beach, Tongson. It is located in the northeastern part of the island, near the airport. Anyone can come to the beach, but it’s hard to find. Guests of the Melati Hotel relax in Thongson, so this is an orientation for visiting the beach.

The cleanliness of the beach is monitored by hotel workers. Due to the gently sloping entrance, the beach is more suitable for relaxation. In order to swim in the Gulf of Siam, tourists have to go far into the sea. And there are sharp stones on the bottom of the sea, so be careful.

Near the beaches are cafes and restaurants. They offer a great view not only of the coast, but also of the neighboring island of Phangan. The length of the sandy beach is about 250 meters, the rest of the bay is occupied by huge boulders. The sun beds and chairs you see on the screen are the property of the hotel, so you need to take care of beach accessories in advance (at least bring towels).

The main attractions on Koh Samui are Buddhist temples. The closest ones to the Tongson beach are the Pla Laem Sor and the Big Buddha.

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