Ko Samui. Villa EJBV

We can see the west coast of the Thai island of Samui. The camera is installed in the EJBV villa and is directed toward the popular Bang Makham Beach. It is worth noting that the beach appears only at low tide, when the water in the Gulf of Thailand departs from the shores of the island by a few meters. The bare sandy plain is great for sunbathing. But then, you can’t have a swim because of the shallow water and the oozy bottom.

The total length of the wild beach is about two kilometers. During low tide, sand appears all the way from Cape Yai to the city of Nathon. The beach offers great views of Ang Thong National Park and other islands of the Gulf of Thailand. Unfortunately, the beach itself does not look so attractive because low tide shows that the beach is not clean.

Bang Makham is a real Mecca for fishermen, so if you are keen on fishing, be sure to visit this part of Koh Samui. Another good reason to visit the beach is water sports, like kayaking, sailing catamarans, kiteboarding, and other types of water sports.

Another attraction is Bang makham Buffalo Fighting Stadium. This stadium, where bullfights are held, is popular not only with tourists, local residents like to come to the show too. The entrance fee for men is 100 baht, women can watch it for free.

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