Phetchaburi. Bridge over the Phetchaburi River

In front of us is Municipal Bridge, in the city of Phetchaburi. Thanon Ratchawithi highway, connecting the western and eastern coast of Phetchaburi River, passes through it.

The three-story white building on the opposite bank of the river is a shopping center, where there are beauty salons, shops, cafes and restaurants.

In Thailand, people try to decorate even the smallest bridges with commemorative inscriptions, which are usually placed in the middle of the bridge. Municipal Bridge is not an exception. In addition, the bridge is decorated with beautiful lights that illuminate the road at night.

On the same bank of the river, where the camera is installed, but on the other side of the bridge, is Phetchaburi Governor’s House.

The Phetchaburi River, which flows under the bridge, has a total length of about 200 kilometers. In order to develop the province, two major irrigation projects are being developed here at the moment.

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