Phuket. Wake Park

The best Asian wake-park is located in the suburbs of Phuket. Professionals of this extreme sport exercise there and training sessions for beginners are held there as well.

Phuket Wake Park is a complex that consists of a water stadium with 11 jumps of varying difficulty, a restaurant, where you can have a big meal after grueling workouts, massage rooms, motorbikes, a wake-school and a summer camp.

A weekly ticket to the park costs about $150. This price does not include equipment rental, so it’s better to get your own ammunition and a board, because to rent all the necessary equipment will cost you almost as much as your subscription.

For beginners, it is recommended to visit the park in the morning. Firstly, at that time the price is much lower than at other times, and secondly, in the morning, there are not many people there.

The two cameras installed in the park almost completely show the whole water sports stadium of the complex.

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