London. Sussex Gardens

A camera is set in one of the hotels in Paddington of London’s Westminster County, which is situated in Sussex Gardens. On the screen, we can see the traffic, as well as several hotels on the opposite side of the street. An average room in one of them is about 40 British pounds.

Next to it, there is London Paddington, the Underground Station and public buses, which go along Sussex Gardens. The famous Hyde Park is within walking distance to it. You can find several squares around Sussex Gardens, such as Sussex, Gloucester and Connaught, which are planted with tall trees.

The main attraction of Sussex Gardens is St James Church, which is situated on the southwestern part of the street. This church was built in 1882. Until then, the parish of St Mary’s Paddington Green had been the main church of Paddington.
There is another church, St John’s Hyde Park, on the opposite side of the street.

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