The English resort of West Bay, located on the banks of the English Channel, is popular with fans of “Murder on the Beach”, which was shot here and released in 2013. Due to its unique nature, West Bay is also known as Bridport Harbor, and like other towns on the Jurassic Coast, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The history of West Bay began with the construction of Bridport, which is two and a half kilometers to the north. The port used to export ropes and nets, which were produced there. In the second half of the 19th century, the tourist infrastructure began to develop in West Bay, and a railway was built in Bridport in 1884.

West Bay is very popular with fishing enthusiasts. Here you can rent a boat and fish in the strait or go underwater fishing.

The cam, which is in the western part of West Bay, displays the resort and its main attractions — the harbour, golf courses, beaches and, of course, the Eastern Cliff. You can also see one of the most popular accommodations, West Bay Holiday Park, which is a mini town with a lot of trailers. Six people can rent one of them, for 3 days, for 470 pounds.

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