Big Sky Resort. Ramcharger Station

We are looking at the Andesitic Mountain of Big Sky resort. We can see the ski slopes from the Ramcharger station. There are several lifts for guests. In 2018, the Ramcharger station got the Ramcharger 8 cable car. This is the first eight-person lift in all of North America, its chairs are equipped with a heating system.

A new cable car replaced the old Ramcharger High Speed Quad. Its capacity is 3,600 people per hour. Two webcams at the lower station Ramcharger 8 show us not only the cableway but also the slopes of the mountain, where skiers and snowboarders return to the Ramcharger station.

There are several hotels and restaurants, cottages that can be rented, large parking lots, Lake Lewinsky, as well as summer recreation areas. Near the Ramcharger station, there is Summit at Big Sky, which is $200 per night.

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