Christiansted. King Christian Hotel

At first, it seems that we are looking at a typical small American town with empty highways, one-story buildings, and a tall tower of a local church. But this impression is deceptive because this is the Caribbean Sea and the city of Christiansted, built on the northern shore of the island of Santa Cruz.

To the right is the King Christian Hotel, which organizes this online broadcast. The hotel has become an attraction of the island. It welcomed guests for the first time, over 200 years ago. Since then, the hotel area has increased significantly, a small garden and a swimming pool have appeared in its courtyard.

King Christian is located in a very good place; just a few steps from the entrance to the hotel, there is a promenade through the city. Nearby is Fort Christiansvaern, the main architectural monument of the island. You should use one of the packages when booking a room. For example, 5 nights with 7 dives as part of an excursion diving group costs $1,200 for two.

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