Cleveland. Public Square

Cleveland is one of the most interesting cities in the USA. We can see Public Square—the central place of the city. Within walking distance from it are two more picturesque places, Cleveland Convention Center and Fountain of Eternal Life.

Public Square has existed in Cleveland since 1796. Public Square covers an area of four hectares. A few years ago, the square was divided into four separate elements, which were divided by roads. Now, there is only one traffic lane, we can see it in the center of the screen.

The renovated square, with a huge fountain, was opened in 2016. Near the fountain, there is a monument to soldiers and sailors of the Civil War, established in 1894. Another monument we can see below is the American industrialist Tom Loftin Johnson, who had been the mayor of Cleveland from 1901 to 1909.

The new square resembles two boomerangs, along the contour of which footpaths are laid. In the center, there is a fountain, and the stage is also set there.

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