We are heading to the east coast of St. John. We are looking at Coral Bay from coralbayviews.com in Bordeaux. Houses in this village are not only owned by wealthy travelers and locals but also are rented by tourists. If you liked the view of the Coral Bay and Cape Harbor Point, get ready to pay about 300 US dollars for a night at the cottage.

We can also see natural sights of the island, Hurricane Hall and Round, as well as the East End Peninsula in the background. At the foot of the mountain, where the camera is installed, there are restaurants, hotels, and rental boat offices.

Coral Bay was originally the main settlement of the island, but with the development of the ferry service to Cruz Bay, the eastern settlement of St. John began to lose ground.

Coral Bay is the finish line in the 8 Tuff Miles Marathon Race. The runners start from Cruz Bay and finish the race at Moravian Church of Coral Bay.

As you can see, the east coast of St. John has rather winding shapes, so there are smaller harbors in Coral Bay, including Coral, Bork Creek, Whitesund, Princes and others. The shores of these bays are built up with small hotels.

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