Since the construction of the ferry pier in Cruz Bay, the west coast of St. John has become the main economic center of the island. We can see Galge Cove, into where yachts, boats, and other vessels constantly come. We can also see Cape Lind Point.

As you can see, boats are “parked” on Cruz Bay beach, so tourists should go to the suburbs to sunbathe or swim in the Caribbean Sea. Due to the diverse landscape, tourists can also go hiking in the wooded hills.

Cruz Bay Ferry Station connects St. John with neighboring islands: St. Thomas, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and others. Along the bay, we can see a variety of local bars, restaurants, gaming clubs, hotels, and other tourist facilities.

Lind Point houses National Park Service Headquarters. There are also popular beaches, such as Salomon Beach and Honeymoon Beach.

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