Grass Valley. City Center

The largest city of California’s Nevada County has a very modest size and population of only thirteen thousand inhabitants. The camera, at one of the central intersections of Grass Valley, shows us the very center of the city.

From the intersection of West Main Street and Mill Street, we can see the dome of the building in which the Nevada County Bank was once located. It is followed by popular city shops and the cinema, Del Oro Theater, with its famous spire towering above the center of Grass Valley.

Perhaps the building of the Grass Valley Public Library is one of the most interesting, in terms of architecture. It can be seen on this camera in the background of the image behind the intersection of Mill Street and Neal Street. At the end of the 19th century, several attempts were made to build a library in the popular gold mining town, but the Grass Valley Public Library wasn’t built until 1914.

The economy of Grass Valley is quite diverse. The tourist sphere is based on visiting historical places associated with the “Gold Rush” times.

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