Miami. Panorama of the City

The Hollywood district in the north of Miami is not as famous as the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name, nonetheless, it interests travelers from around the world. The coast of Hollywood has a huge sandy beach and residential neighborhoods built between water channels.

We are looking at the typical United States from County Line Road. The camera is installed on a telecommunications tower, near Lake Walden. There are some interesting objects. The first one is Lake Desoto, whose shores are densely built up with private houses, villas, and campgrounds. The second attraction of the area is Aivis Estates Park, where students of the local high school have physical education classes on baseball grounds and football pitches.

Low-rise buildings and the Miami coastline are divided by skyscrapers. We can see them in the background. The most famous of them are The Beach Club Hallandale and Diplomat Oceanfront Residences.

From time to time, the camera turns toward the center of Miami, which is 25 kilometers away.

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