Northampton. Burton Hall

Graduates of Massachusetts’ Smith College, meeting at their alma mater in the coming years, will hardly be able to find their way around the campus. The reason is that the college is being actively rebuilt, new buildings are being built, and historical buildings of the educational institution are being restored.

This camera is installed in front of one of the first buildings of Smith College -Burton Hall. It was built in 1914 and was first called the Biological Building (Biology Hall). It was given this name for three years. Initially, the faculties of zoology and botany were based at Burton Hall. Today, students who study geoscience, mathematics, and statistics are based there.

Over the 100-year history of Burton Hall, there have been many changes. Now, there are lecture and seminar classes with the most modern research equipment. Students are divided into small groups, so everyone can take part in an experiment.

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