Ocean City. The Quay and the Beach

The American resort of Ocean City is for the laziest tourists; right on the waterfront, it has hotels of the first coastline. This camera, installed at the Commander Hotel Oceanfront, shows us the wide and long beach of the resort, as well as the promenade. Since the city is located on the barrier split, any accommodation in Ocean City allows you to get to the beach in no time, but Commander guests still have an undeniable advantage, a magnificent view of the ocean.

The rooms in the three-star Commander Hotel Oceanfront are divided into several types. The best of them have huge beds and views of the promenade of the resort. The cost of a double room is from 100 to 140 US dollars per day. There is free parking on site.

This endless beach of Maryland is a place for any number of guests. There are cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers. By the way, Commander Hotel, opened in 1930, has its own restaurant, which serves specialty pizza and donuts.

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