Southport. Frying Pan Lighthouse

The decommissioned lighthouse is an excellent observation point from which you can watch the weather off the coast of North Carolina, live. The lighthouse is located 60 kilometers from Southport. It really looks like a Frying Pan

The lighthouse was built in 1964, and for 15 years it was automated, it went out of service in 2003. The height of the lighthouse is about 24 meters. The lighthouse used to be very important.

Frying Pan has two levels, the first one is a living area of 460 square meters, which has seven bedrooms, a kitchen, an office, a warehouse, a toilet, and a recreation area. The tower can be reached by air (the upper level platform can receive helicopters), as well as by ship.

Under the lighthouse, there is an underwater webcam, which allows you to watch sharks.

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