Nha Trang. Trần Phú Street

Trần Phú is known to all tourists who have visited the Vietnamese resort of Nha Trang. The street is stretched along the whole coast, which means that there are squares, parks, architectural sights of the city, and of course a giant sandy beach.

This camera is installed next to the Anh Thu crocodile leather shop in the middle of Trần Phú Street. You can watch the weather at the resort, as well as traffic. In the background, you can see the front entrance to the beach and the promenade.

The Anh Thu store, popular with tourists, sells not only bags and purses but also offers unusual crocodile sneakers and gloves.

If you do not want to spend too much time going from the hotel to the beach, then you should stay at Euro Star Hotel or Phuong Anh Hotel. In addition to comfortable low-cost rooms, you will get a great view of the South China Sea.

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