Bad Gastein. Stubnerkogel Station Valley

One of the most convenient resorts in Austria is Bad Gastein, you don’t need a car to get there. The railway station is within walking distance of ski lifts, which can take you to the very top of the mountain, after which Stubnerkogel resort was named. It is part of mountain resorts Gastein.

In winter, there are a lot of skiers, snowboarders, freestylers and freeriders. In the summer, hikers, horseback riders, cyclists, motorcyclists, etc., come here.

It’s a pity that the webcam does not show one of the main attractions of the resort, a 140-meter suspension bridge over the 28-meter abyss. It leads to the Glocknerblick panoramic platform, hanging above the cliff, which offers a view of the Alpine ridges and the highest point of Austria, Grossglockner.

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