Hochfügen. Panorama of the Resort

The once deserted area of the Klausboden Valley, today, is similar to all other popular ski resorts in Austria. The village of Hochfügen is surrounded by cableways on both sides, and in the center of Hochfügen there is a large guest parking lot and several hotels. Unlike most Austrian villages, Hochfügen was specially built for the development of tourism in this region.

Hochfügen settled at an altitude of 1,480 meters above sea level. For comparison, the highest ski runs of the resort start 1 kilometer higher. The camera is installed in the northern part of the resort. First on the screen, we can see hotels built on the mountainside, and a large parking lot next to them. From the parking lot, you get directly to the Holzalm cableway.

The panoramic camera shows almost all the options for accommodation in the resort, including the famous Berghotel Hochfügen, from which the construction of the entire tourist area of Hochfügen began. Because of its remoteness from large settlements, most hotels in this village are quite expensive, about 150 euros per night for a double room.

At the end of the survey, the camera shows the western slope of the mountain, on which are located training tracks and Lamark, a conveyor lift for the children.

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