Krimml. Plattenkogel Ski Slopes

We can see one of the areas of the large ski complex, Zillertal Arena. Hochkrimml is located above the Krimmler community in the eastern part of the resort. On the screen, we can see the tourist infrastructure around the lower station of the cableway. Parking, restaurants, and hotels are all built right on the ski slopes.

The main route, coming from the top of Plattenkogel, is also represented by this camera. A wide track is very convenient for beginners but not so interesting for experienced skiers and snowboarders. By the way, on the top of Plattenkogel, one of the panoramic cameras of the resort is also installed, it can be viewed here.

There are a lot of tourists in Krimmler. WasserWelten, an aqua center, is very popular with the guests of the municipality.

Panoramarestaurant Filzsteinalm offers the view of the same slope.

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