Tieschen. Community Panorama

Tieschen is a small, fair community in the southeast of Styria. Just 5 kilometers from the community are the borders of Austria and Slovenia. Tieschen includes several small villages with a population of a couple of hundred people. We are looking at the panorama of the community from the village of Patzenberg.

There are no high Alpine peaks, typical for many Austrian towns in the south, so Tieschen attracts tourists with its wineries, some of which we can see on the screen.

Tieschen is more than 6 centuries old. Even earlier, small settlements had been built here and left many artifacts in the ground. Therefore, it is not surprising that for the last 2 centuries, archaeological excavations, both legal and illegal, have been carried out in Tieschen. For example, during these studies, coins with the image of Constantius II, the Roman emperor of the middle of the 4th century, were found.

The main attraction of the community is the Roman Catholic church of the Holy Trinity, built on a high hill in 1902.

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