Hanson Island. Johnston Strait. Killer Whales

Two cameras on the beach of Rubbing, on the uninhabited island of Hanson, show the Johnston Strait and the orcas splashing in it. Killer whales swim to British Columbia every summer. In addition to these huge mammals, on the screen, you can see boats with tourists who come to this corner of the wild nature to watch the life of whales.

Johnston Strait has a length of 110 kilometers. On the one hand, it washes the mainland of Canada, and on the other, Vancouver Island. In the summer months, about 150 killer whales constantly reside in the strait. The natural idyll is violated not only by tourists, but also by cargo ships.

The cameras were installed by the OrcaLab organization, which has been studying killer whales in their natural habitat since 1970. Johnston Strait is part of the ecological reserve, Robson Bight. In the strait, the island of Hanson is located, on which these webcams are installed, as well as the islands of West Cracroft, Hardwicke, East Thurlow and West Thurlow.

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