Hong Kong. Lei Yue Mun Canal

Leaving the marinas of Hong Kong, travelers go out to sea either through Belcher Bay to the west or via the Lei Yue Mun Canal to the east. Ships pass by the Sai Wan Ho district and its harbor, on the bank of which this camera is located. Just behind the breakwaters, we can see Lei Yue Moon canal connecting Hong Kong ports with the East China Sea, Taiwan, and other northeast directions.

As you may have guessed, Saivanho marinas are actively used by local fishermen, who moor their schooners here.

Devil’s Peak towers over the sea, to the left of Lei Yue Mun. This mountain, 222 meters high, was used at the beginning of the last century as a military redoubt. Gun batteries were located on several levels, now these fortifications are historical monuments. Tourists can get to this fort via the Wilson Trail. At the narrowest point of Lei Yue Moon, on its left bank, is the cape of the same name, where a lighthouse was built more than 50 years ago.

Now, let’s look at the right bank of the channel. The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense was built there, the 600-year history of the coastal defensive redoubts of Hong Kong is presented in it, in as many details as possible.

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