Bale. St. Jacob's Beach

Another camera in the Croatian resort of Bale is set on the shores of St. Jacob’s Bay. In the foreground, we can see the beach, named after the bay, and in the background is the island of Kolona.

The bay of the Adriatic Sea, which we see on the screen, is perfect for mooring boats, so ships can be seen there even in the winter. There is a small pier for lovers of sea trips, and a breakwater can be seen in the left side of the picture.

Mon Perin Camping, which includes St. Jacob’s beach, is not limited to one bay. Tourists have access to the nine kilometers of beach equipped for recreation. Here you can stay in mobile houses or rent a place for your own motorhome. There are also guests who stay in tents.

From the Gulf of St. Jacob, vacationers can go on a boat into the open sea and watch the dolphins. On rainy days, Mon Perin guests get a good discount.

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