Krk. Panorama of the resort

The Croatian resort of Krk can be compared with a matryoshka. We can see one of the harbors of the city, which in turn is part of the harbor of Krk, and that part is owned by the Krk Bay. In the foreground, we can see berths for boats and yachts, also seen on the left part of the screen, where vessels of fishermen, tourists, and local navigators moor.

In the port of Krk, all necessary services are provided for the explorers of the seas—this includes refueling, repair and maintenance services, as well as the rental of various boats. The beach is located to the right.

On the opposite side of the harbor, we can see the Frankopan Fortress and the Church of St. Quirin, the main objects of this online broadcast. The ancient fortress from the end of the 7th century has been perfectly preserved to this day. Don’t miss the original courtroom and the round tower, which was destroyed by invaders many times.

The Church of St. Quirin is famous for its high bell tower that rises over the town, and which we can see in the distance. The high tower with a bell is crowned with a statue of an angel, which has become one of the symbols of Krk.

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